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Make Money Selling GroceriesĀ on AmazonĀ !

Why struggle with complicated models?
  • You already shop there...
  • Deals can be found in every aisle...
  • Your coupons become CASH...
  • The whole family can help...
  • Start with minimal investment...

Selling on Amazon Has Never Been Easier

Learn the basics of online selling with items from your local grocery store!

Turn you shopping trips into treasure hunts

You will love uncovering profit opportunities on the clearance rack. Get your milk, bread and a few gold nuggets while you're there!

Build your Amazon account

Learn the ropes and build up your feedback score with low cost grocery items. No need to risk big money while you learn.

Become a coupon king or queen

You will learn to see coupons in a whole new light. Save big on your grocery bill as you build your new business.

Step-by-step video instruction

The video series details every step of the process, from researching online to prep, shipment and sale.

So easy a kid can do it!

And why not let the kids help out? Treasure hunting can be fun, and it teaches them valuable entrepreneurial skills.

What's the secret formula?

Learn what to sell and what to avoid as you build up your grocery product portfolio.

The deals next door...

I bet you've passed these aisles many times before
Every store that sells groceries stocks the aisles full around the holidays. What happens on days like Dec. 26th? Massive clearance sales! Use your scanning software to find items that sell on Amazon for 3, 4 or 5 times the clearance price. The supermarket will thank you for clearing space on their shelves!
  • Do you like candy? You won't believe what Amazon buyers will pay for it!
  • Post-holiday clearance items can be 70-90% off
  • Every item you sell is a great lesson in sourcing
  • Why spend big money on unproven inventory?
  • Sure, you won't get rich overnight, but those dollars add up fast!

Spend a little - Make a Lot!

Learn to spot the best profits on the shelf
They won't always be this good, but with some time and patience, you will hit these home runs. This coffee was on the clearance rack with a sticker showing "2 for $4.49". A quick scan in the app showed a current sale price of $17.94 with no FBA sellers! The sales rank is not bad either, and coffee is always a great seller.

Now prices do fluctuate, and the selling price will rise and fall. This is part of the game, but it's very worth playing. If this coffee sold for $17.94, you would probably get $14 after fees. Not bad for an investment of only $2.25!

Here Is What You Will Learn

  • Get the scoop on how to get approved for the Grocery Category
  • Tips and tricks for finding the best inventory in the Grocery Stores
  • How to quickly find the clearance section in any store
  • What types of groceries will net you the highest profits
  • How to research the best deals before every setting foot in the store
  • How to buy coupons in bulk without all the clipping
  • Preparing, shipping and monitoring your inventory step-by-step
  • Financing 101 for all your inventory purchases
  • Leveraging store promotions to minimize costs and maximize reward points

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