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Make Money Selling GroceriesĀ on AmazonĀ !

Why struggle with complicated models?
  • You already shop there...
  • Deals can be found in every aisle...
  • Your coupons become CASH...
  • The whole family can help...
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Selling on Amazon Has Never Been Easier

Learn the basics of online selling with items from your local grocery store!

Turn you shopping trips into treasure hunts

You will love uncovering profit opportunities on the clearance rack. Get your milk, bread and a few gold nuggets while you're there!

Build your Amazon account

Learn the ropes and build up your feedback score with low cost grocery items. No need to risk big money while you learn.

Become a coupon king or queen

You will learn to see coupons in a whole new light. Save big on your grocery bill as you build your new business.

Step-by-step video instruction

The video series details every step of the process, from researching online to prep, shipment and sale.

So easy a kid can do it!

And why not let the kids help out? Treasure hunting can be fun, and it teaches them valuable entrepreneurial skills.

What's the secret formula?

Learn what to sell and what to avoid as you build up your grocery product portfolio.
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